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Fold up bikes a great addition to green transport

For those that want to cycle to work, or anywhere for that matter, there is really nowhere you can go without worrying about where to leave it. For those who want a mode of transport and exercise that is easily stored at home then choosing one of the many fold up bikes may be a solution. But not to worry, the geekiness and uncoolness is no longer associated with folding bikes

As the summer gets near the days will be longer and hotter and the evenings will be lighter and our thoughts start to think about the outdoors and how to best spend the time we have. Many also start to worry about how their physiques look in preparation for the wardrobe of summer therefore diet and exercise starts becoming a priority.

Cycling is a great way to do some exercise outside and also a great way to get around in an environmentally friendly way. Plans to cycle sometimes end up being cancelled due to not knowing where to leave it once you arrive to your destination. This is the advantage to fold up bikes over the conventional bike.

The worry of storing a bike with a fold up bike is no longer a problem at all since you can just fold it and take it inside. A suitable place to keep your bike is no longer a headache when you have a fold up bike. The security issue is no longer a problem either since it will be close to you at all times.

Manufacturers of bikes that fold up are also tackling the stigma that fold up bikes are uncool that previously was detrimental to the products usability. So there are current plans to alter the designs to make them more stylish and have different shapes and colours to choose from.

The Go Bike from Quebec, Canada is a prime example of the new stylish cool fold up bikes. It comes in five colours – green, blue, orange, Anthracite and Lumi blue and there is new cutting edge technical designs to keep it practical yet innovative.

The Go Bike is a one size fits all universal style with a high rising telescopic post for the seat to adjust to riders of all ages, sexes and sizes. The maximum and minimum heights for comfort are 1.40m (4 ft. 7”) to 1.90m (6 ft. 3”) with a maximum weight of 110kg (245lbs).


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