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Folding electric car developed in Korea

Do you often find yourself caught in the city traffic jam, unable to take your car out to reach your destination through an alternate route? You have no option but to inhale all those poisonous exhaust fumes emanating from all the cars caught in the jam.

A team of scientists has come up with a brilliant idea to face the problem of traffic jam in metro cities. Scientists at the (South) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have designed a compact electric vehicle that can be folded easily to be transported through a public transport system in case of a traffic jam.

Of course you can use it as a personal vehicle on roads in normal circumstances. In-Soo Suh, who led the team of scientists in the university in designing the prototype of the electric vehicle that can be folded, said that the idea for the car called Amadillo-T came from a prehistoric mammal that had a leathery outer shell.

It is believed that this wonder mammal rolled up into a ball whenever it felt threatened by the predators or the condito0ns in its atmosphere. Like this creature, the new electric car tucks its body and shrinks in size to almost half (1.65m from the original 2.8m).

Armadillo is a 4WD vehicle that is all electric and provides space enough for 2 passengers. There are 4 motors that are placed inside the wheels so that they do not require to be moved anywhere from their position when the car is being folded.

The car moves on the power of a 13.6kWh Lithium-ion battery pack. Because of this unique placement of the motors, the car has enough space inside for the passengers. After folding, this 450kg car takes only a third of the normal parking space used by modern cars. Another attractive feature of this car is its ability to turn 360degrees from a position.





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