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Funding for community cycling projects with UK’s first flexible payment club for cyclists

A new club that offers savings on the cost of buying bikes and accessories, and also offers financial kickbacks for community cycling projects has been launched by the people behind UK’s first bike leasing company.

Bike SWANKY (, is the name of the club, which encourages cyclists to sign up and save while building a cycling legacy for all. 20% of the interest earned on the club’s flexible finance plans will be used to fund cycling projects and other cycling clubs in the sport.

For Bike SWANKY, Paul Mander-O’Beirne said,

“Like most cyclists I am always craving new gear and kit. It comes with the territory. I wanted to find a way to offer high quality bikes and the kit, whilst keeping things affordable. Going for a ride feels good anyway. Having good kit and still having cash in your pocket makes it even better!  Having a happy partner who can see that you’re no longer spending all your money on your hobby makes it a no-brainer!”

“Bike SWANKY is a natural progression for us. We have already broken the mould with the UK’s first ever Bike Leasing company. This new venture is just as innovative. It offers even more flexibility along with those all important financial kick backs for community cycling projects.”

Bike SWANKY offers a total of three different ways to finance a bike purchase – a range of options that gives customers choice and flexibility as well as financial peace of mind. This includes cash discounts, 0% finance and competitive lease with final purchase option after two years.

In addition, a SWANKY Plan is exclusively available to club members enabling low ongoing costs as flexibly as possible.

And cycling clubs or groups can register community cycling projects in the hope of receiving funding from the 20% kick back on the interest from the financial agreements.

Paul adds,

“If we help more cyclists enjoy more riding more often then we have done our job.  It’s all about enjoying the sport and keeping things affordable so that all your cash isn’t tied up in your hobby. And the community projects are an important part of our mission to create better riding experiences for more people throughout the country.”

Clubs interested in finding more about funding opportunities for community cycling projects can contact



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