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Germany accused of using shady ways to stop green car legislation

Germany has been accused of using threats, blackmail and intimidation, by diplomats of the EU states, in stopping legislation of green cars to be introduced. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is accused of using excessive pressure against EU countries to stop the debate on regulations that would see emissions brought down to 95 grams of CO2 per km by 2020.

According to rumours, the chancellor called the Irish Taioseach, Enda Kenny, on 27th June, and threatened to withdraw bailout funds to Dublin, in an effort to compromise his vote on the package.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source told EurActiv, that the phone call placed a lot of pressure on Kenny, and has implications on the current economic status and the banking crisis. Other sources say that this behaviour was not only isolated to Ireland, and that pressure was placed on other diplomats too.

One diplomat told EurActiv that trade-offs, fair and unfair games were common when leveraging support for a file or another, but in this case it was blatant threatening and intimidation that was being used. Diplomats are doing what is suggested out of fear, and not choice.

According to the official, Germany threatened to close car manufacturing plants in Hungary in order to get them to toe the line. The placement of future BMW and MINI plants was also used to coerce the Netherlands and another member state. An EU source said that this was blatant rogue behaviour.

Germany influenced France by saying that it would be brought back into the fold if it supported the postponing of the vote. The UK, according to EurActiv, has also agreed to stand by Germany, and reached an agreement that Germany would, in turn, Germany would remain silent when the UK stops the vote on its budgetary rebate during the same summit.



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