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Government allocates £250m for trolley bus scheme in Leeds

It is been five years since plans were first announced the installation of a trolley bus in the UK. However, the government have recently gone through with the plan and have allocated £250 million to be put aside for the construction of a New Generation Transport network. The system is going to be installed in Leeds and it is going to allow people who are parking outside the city to travel into the city centre easily.

Trolleybuses are not a new invention by any means and it is over a century since the last one was opened in Britain. After 60 years of use, four decades ago, the last trolley bus in the UK was sent to the scrapyard and since that time they have never been used again.

Richard Lewis is a city councillor with a special focus on economy and development in here stated, “This approval is going to allow us to install a rapid transit system in the country which is going to allow people to get into Leeds much easier. This is the first city in the country that is utilising this newly modernised technology and we are very pleased to be able to offer it to our citizens before anyone else.”

Trolleybuses largely disappeared after diesel engines became particularly popular in Britain as they provided a cheaper way of transporting people and were also more flexible. However, this quickly led to environmental problems and it was in the 1980s that Leeds had to start looking for a greener transport solution.

It was initially thought that a tram system would be installed but this plan was set aside in favour of the use of trolleybuses.


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