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Green cars are just not popular

Thanks to news that only 534, of an expected 8,600, have signed up for subsidies for electric car purchases, the ongoing debate about them is heating up again. The debate is typically about their range, practicality and cost and the government’s hope for the electric car revolution is getting off to a very slow start.


What the government was counting on was that the electric car buyer would not have to pay excise duty, would have less expensive insurance, would be exempt from paying a congestion charge and can get a charge for free at some public car parks.


It is the charging stations and infrastructure that needs fanfare. There are locations that are available to charge you car beyond that of your front door but not everyone knows about them or how they work.


Technology has made it easier and quicker to charge an electric car thus making it more efficient for drivers to be able to charge both a parked car and a moving one. Because the UK is relatively a small country geographically and towns are linked together one after the other there is not a need to have a large number of charging stations in order to reach the majority of the population.


By providing a number of quick “top-up charging points the range on an electric car can be increased significantly. This also is better for the battery of an electric car as the lifespan get lengthened by frequent top ups rather than deep charges.


The electric car its range and its capabilities is a hot topic in the UK. With the prices still rather high, there has to be good incentives in order for the EV to catch on.  The infrastructure of the charging stations are the key and the sales of EVs would have been much better if the infrastructure of charging stations had been in place prior to the cars.






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