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Green travel means different things to different people

Different people have different ideas about what constitutes green travel, some people believe that sharing cars into work, or taking public transport, counts as being green, whereas others would say that this is not enough, they would argue that in order to be truly green, you would need to be driving a vehicle that does not consume any nonrenewable energy. This might include cycling, walking or using another method of human powered transport to get to work.

The Transportation Alternatives are a transportation reform group who have recently created something they have entitled a hierarchy of green transportation. It is a system that rewards those who have less of an impact on the environment. The hierarchy includes the introduction of things such as on street parking charges, congestion charges, tollbooths and parking that is capable of prioritising those who are driving because of commercial needs.

In recent years the number of people driving more environmentally friendly vehicles has increased. 2008 was a particularly landmark year which saw the dramatic increase in popularity of the Toyota Prius. Since this time other environmentally friendly cars from Audi, Honda, Chevrolet and Ford. One of the most critically praised electric vehicles is the Chevrolet Volt which has been created by General Motors. Many people in the United States find it ironic that the company that tried to kill off the electric car, has now created one of the best ones on the market.

These are not the only car companies to have released green vehicles and Nissan have released the Pivo 2, and Mitsubishi brought out the I-Miev. One of the most innovative vehicles to be released was by BMW and it is a hydrogen powered car that is actually capable of reversing the damage that conventional cars do to the environment. As it travels through cities it is essentially capable of cleaning air.

Another idea for environmentally friendly vehicles was created by Lotus. They have created a car which, as well as being efficient, is made from environmentally friendly materials. The Antro, a car made in Hungary, is a vehicle with an incredibly impressive mpg figure. It is capable of travelling over 150 miles on a single gallon.

Volkswagens might be able to out do this in the near future though as they have designed a concept vehicle that is capable of doing over 230 mpg, this vehicle is called the VW 1L. Rather incredibly a French company called, Microjoule think they might be able to create a vehicle capable of getting nearly 9000 mpg in the future.

Of course, if you don’t feel like making the expensive investment in a new, energy-efficient car, there are other ways that you can be environmentally responsible with your current vehicle. One of the easiest things to do is not to use it as regularly as you might now. If you can walk or cycle to your destination, do that instead, it’s also great for your health.

If possible, try and work out another way of getting to work, perhaps you could share a ride with a friend, or take public transportation. If your work is not too far away, you could also consider cycling.

If you do not have a choice but to take your vehicle there are certain ways you can reduce your fuel consumption. First off, you should simply drive at lower speeds and accelerate and brake less rapidly. If you are travelling at 70 mph, you are going to be consuming 30 percent more fuel than you would be if you were travelling at 55 mph. Also, be conservative with the air conditioning, it increases fuel consumption by 15 percent.


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