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Hit the open road with a Lunar caravan

They have been insulted, laughed at, maligned and even blown up on TV, yet the touring caravan has never gone away and is more popular now than it has been for several decades.  The freedom of the road and to go where you want, when you want, has always been the main appeal of caravanning, and as more of us are holidaying at home than at any time over the past few decades, their popularity is understandable.

With so many great campsites to pull into for the night to break up the journey, and also to use as a base if you want, caravanning is the ultimate freedom holiday and the perfect way to fully explore all the UK has to offer. Now, there are those over a certain age who will remember going on holiday as a youngster in a rickety old van that was really a tin box on wheels, and if they haven’t been in one for a while are they in for a big surprise!

Modern touring caravans have all the home comforts that you would expect from a much larger, static model, with the convenience of being able to tow them behind your car.  One of the leading manufacturers of 21st century touring caravans are Lunar, and a quick trip online to will show you exactly what your money will buy in the form of a modern touring caravan. With models that sleep between 2-6 people and various layouts to choose from, you will find the perfect van for you.

With proper toilets inside the van, gas and electricity and a spacious living area, these caravans have been designed by experts to maximise the limited space allowable so they are still able to be pulled along the roads. There are several ranges of Lunar caravans available on this site, both new and pre-owned, and the best bit is you never pay the RRP for any Lunar caravan when you buy from this site.

If you are one of the many turning your back on the crowded Mediterranean resorts in favour of holidaying in your own country, then now is the perfect time to check out the Lunar caravans for sale and make an investment in your family holidays for many years to come. The years we holiday with our children go over all too quickly, and what better to give them memories that will last a lifetime than by touring the country with your caravan.


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