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IATA claims EU standing in the way of green flights

Tony Tyler the CEO of IATA claims that due to the fact that aviation is included in the EU ETS (European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme) the companies are not able to concentrate on improving their green quality because they are focused on meeting other standards.

Tyler added that aviation has the highest goals when it comes to committing to environmental changes that will benefit the green cause, but that that because they do not have any government support matter in the matter they are not able to accomplish half of what they could with the proper backing.

The aviation industry in general aims to reduce its emissions by about half of what they emitted in 2005 by the time 2050 rolls around with a strong focus on using biofuels in order to reach this goal.

However, Tyler believes that governments are not focusing on the improvements that the aviation industry is trying to make and not approving necessary components for green progress such as biofuel manufacturing.  He added that the government must work with the aviation industry to move forward and help create a framework that the aviation company’s can use to continue to reach for their green goals.


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