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Ideology is at the heart of the government according to Oxford scholar

Sir David King, the head of Oxford University’s Smith School and former chief scientific adviser, has said that ideology is actually the main heart of what drives government and not common sense or courage anymore.

Given this fact and the fact that King tends to be a fan of bold statements, it is surprising that anything would actually render him speechless, but ask him why the UK Treasury continues to ignore and reuse support for a green economy and all he can do is shrug and respond with an empty stare. It appears that maybe ideology may in fact not be the only driving force of politics in this case.

Looking over the problem, King explains that one of the only reasons that they may not support a green economy is because they are still trapped in the laissez faire ideas that eventually if not broken will cause the UK to fall into a very long economic decline.

He added that this is a very fundamentalist approach that is the result of a lack of courage and political leadership because it is hard to create a new economic model that is actually going to work. Instead, it is easier to attempt to find magic in an old solution even if it is as broken as Humpty Dumpty.


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