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Improvements in lorry environmental standards

The new Actros heavy duty lorry has been launched by Mercedes-Benz developed to cover all aspects of long distance road haulage. Because of the Euro VI emissions standards, it has been designed from the ground up specifically with this in mind. The fuel consumption is about three percent lower than for the Euro V version previously managed. This is in addition to a reduction of about forty percent in AdBlue consumption.

Development of the Actros actually started about ten years ago and Five years were spent just testing the vehicle and its’ components. A lot of this work was on the aerodynamics of the lorry and this is a major factor in the reduction of fuel consumption. In fact the lorry spent over two and a half thousand hours in the wind tunnel so that Mercedes could get this right.

Another twenty million kilometres were spent road-testing fifty million kilometres on rigs for engine testing. The engine in the Actros is the new Mercedes-Benz OM471, a six-cylinder in-line unit. It is part of the Blue Efficiency Power family and is Euro VI compliant. It gives 421 hp to 510 hp with a torque of 2100 to 2500 Nm. The Actros OM 471 has a choice of four outputs and torques.

The two overhead camshafts are controlled by four valves per cylinder. In a first for an engine this size, they are assembled or composite camshafts. Standard rear axle ratio is 2.611 and the Actros has automatic transmission.There is an emission control system, designed by Mercedes, again specifically so that the Actros meets the Euro VI emissions standard.

It is based on a system that has already been proven successful by Daimler lorries on other continents but with the Actros it has been specifically adapted to ensure that it complies with Euro VI standards. It is made up of SCR technology with AdBlue injection but without compressed air, a particulate filter and EGR (cooled exhaust gas circulation.) The particulate filter is unique to Europe.

There are quite a few differences between the Euro VI version and the optional Euro V. These are the loss of the particulate filter, a smaller EGR cooler and in the actual EGR system there is a reduced recirculation rate. Due to customer demand there is a choice of three power outputs, 421hp, 449hp and 510hp.


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