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Jenny Jones wants big rise in congestion charges

Jenny Jones, who joined the Green Party in 1988, and served as deputy mayor of London in 2003-4, is hoping to bring her green experience and dedication to improving the urban environment to the office of Mayor for London.  She will be campaigning for nomination by the Green Party and has announced that Darren Johnson will be her running mate.

Ms Jones has been a strong and effective advocate of green initiatives, and she’s got another suggestion that may ruffle some feathers in the city.  She proposes to make it more expensive to drive in the ‘inner city’, saying that she would raise the congestion charge as the only really viable approach to cutting down the number of cars and getting a handle on London’s air pollution problem.

The system Jones is envisaging involves a sliding scale that would cover the entire city, with fees of £5 for Zone 6 but as much as £50 to non-exempt drivers inside the boundary, which could also be extended outward.  It would require extensive technology to be put in place to monitor the whole scheme, identify and fine drivers who refused to pay, and reward those who do their bit by doing their driving in the non-rush hours, amongst other details.


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