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London pay-as-you-go driving scheme

Boris Johnson has recently been encouraged to introduce a pay-as-you-go driving scheme across the capital city. He has been told that the failure to do this will mean that the city is incapable of reaching its pollution reduction targets. John Whitelegg is the professor behind a study which is examining ways for London to reduce its carbon emissions and he has found that this is one of the only viable models for reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the level set for 2025.

The report also found that if the congestion chargecharge was extended to cover the rest of London, and not just the central part, the amount of revenue brought into the city would greatly increase and it would help the local authorities achieve their target emission points.

The report went on to state, “Introducing a pay as you go driving system would significantly reduced the amount of congestion on the roads and make public transport more popular option. This will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in the city and improve the health of residents and also make sure that the government are capable of meeting the European pollution requirements and avoid significant fines.”

It also highlighted how London this falling behind other European cities in the green transport sector and the only way for it to catch up would be to introduce a new pricing system. The report highlights how many cities in Europe are already achieving emission reduction success and this has been a good thing for investment and jobs in the city. It states that this is now the perfect time for establishing a new system and encouraging a greener transport system in the capital city.”


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