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Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

You don’t have to walk for miles to go to your workplace, school or market to help save the environment. You don’t have to buy a hybrid car, either. All you need to do to make Mother Earth happy is to make your car as environmentally friendly as possible. Don’t know what to do? Here are a few tips to help you out.

TKeep your car properly maintained. his is a must for your car. A properly maintained car lasts longer and consumes less fuel. Consuming less gas means bigger savings and lesser emissions. In addition, have your car’s engine tuned up every now and then. This will give you smoother rides and lower gas consumption.

Regularly replace your car’s air filter. A filthy air filter cannot properly do its job, which is cleaning the air pumped into your car’s ventilation system. An unclean filter will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, which you will then turn up to get the preferred temperature, and thus, increasing your fuel consumption.

Take good care of your car tyres. Aside from keeping you safe, properly inflated car tyres will save you a lot of gas and cash. Invest on high quality tyres, such as Pirelli tyres, for enhanced safety and maximum performance. Good car tyres retain air pressure well, and will save you more gas and cash in the long run than their inferior counterparts.

Do not overload your car. Keep your car light. Open your trunk and decide which loads should be there all the time, or if some things can be brought in only on a per need basis. The heavier the car, the more gas you need to run it.

Plan your route carefully. By regularly driving to the workplace or grocery, you probably have become familiar with the shortest routes and when roads are busiest. Armed with this information, you can plan ahead before revving up your car. In going to unfamiliar places, do some researches on the Internet first, or better, ask someone who knows the place. The key is to plan ahead to save gas, time and effort.

Always observe speed limits. These limits are placed where they are because of some reasons, including road limitations and safety concerns. Your gas mileage is dramatically increased if you will just follow speed limits. If you do, you will not only save gas, you might be even saving the lives of others or your own. Anyway, what’s the point of kicking the accelerator hard if you have to slow down or stop in a few blocks or so?

Use biodegradable cleaning products. A lot of eco-friendly cleaning products are now available in the market. Grab one and help save potable water by reducing the use of harmful chemicals found in car cleaners. These chemicals might be absorbed by the soil and damage water supply. You may also concoct your own environmentally friendly product by combining eco-friendly dishwashing liquid, eco-friendly laundry powder detergent and water.

Use natural air freshener. Stop buying those fancy air fresheners. Instead, buy an essential oil of your favorite scent, put a few drops on a cotton ball or piece of cloth. Then, stash away the scented cotton or cloth, such as under the car seats. When the scent runs out, add a few drops of oil.


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