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Manchester United top of the league for environmental commitment

The football club, Manchester United, have become known for taking the lead when it comes to clubs that have an environmental commitment.

The football club has recently been the first to gain recognition of international standards for their systems for managing the club’s environmental impact.

The environmental ambassador for the club is its former captain, Gary Neville and he recently got the ISO14001 standard of recognition for the club; which is just one of its many recognitions for being environmentally friendly.

This new international standard recognises that the club is taking great efforts to reduce the amount of waste it produces, and reduce its carbon footprint. Many environmental measures have been taken by the club including, better regulation of their air conditioning and heating systems, as well as reducing the cost of their lighting. They’ve also implemented systems that encourage fans to recycle materials and have made it easier for them to reach matches by public transport.

Mr Neville has commented, “We make a lot of effort to improve our environmental impact. We are extremely committed to being a sustainable club and we are very pleased to have been recognised for all of this effort. This certification just goes to show that we are a sustainable club that is continuously improving its environmental standards.”

The Carbon Production Energy Efficiency League is a government initiative which ranks large organisations in the UK, based on how well they use energy.

Manchester United came top of the charts in 2011 and Michael Bolingbroke, the chief operating officer for the club stated, “The fact that we are receiving such great awards for our environmental standards is a testament to all of our hard work. This is something that will not just benefit the environment, but it has also saved is around £500,000 in the last few years.”


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