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Many people may move from cars to electric bikes

There are many alternatives to cars, although for most of us, giving up our cars completely is not an option. Having said that, if the price of petrol continues to rise as it has been doing, many people might just think about it.

The push-bike is one such alternative, but for many, it’s not an option, they live too far away from work and there are a lot of steep hills on the way, therefore, it would just take too much time and effort every day.

So some people are looking into getting an electric bike. Electric bikes take the hard work out of pedalling, although they still have exercise benefits, are virtually silent, don’t harm the environment with CO2 emissions, don’t use petrol and don’t take up much space meaning you can weave in and out of traffic and park up to your heart’s content.

However, there is also a down-side to them. The charge from their lithium batteries lasts only twenty miles and they are still a bit pricey, with examples ranging from £350 to anything comfortably above £1,000 for just a basic bike. Or at least they were pricey. Now you can buy an “electric bicycle motor kit” that will turn your normal bike into an electric one, all it needs is a stable frame to attach it to.

The way it works is that the electric motor, containing two concentric rings of opposing electromagnets is attached directly to the hub of the front or back wheel. The battery powers the motor, causing the wheel to spin, as a result of the opposing magnetic force. Advantages of the motor are that it needs no belts, chains or gears, it is virtually silent and maintenance-free, and if you can afford a higher watt motor you get more power.

So, if you want a change from your car, but a push-bike sounds like just too much effort and your budget cannot stretch to a standard electric bike, get an electrical bicycle motor kit. It has all the benefits of an electric bike at a fraction of the cost.


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