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Many swapping car for electric bike

There are obvious downsides to owning and operating a car, but life would come to an immediate stop if we decided to stop driving and not leave home. But what if there were alternatives, well the truth is there are alternatives to driving a car, and one of those is an electric bike.

Depending on your riding habits, the lithium battery powered bike can take you about 20 miles on a single charge. The bike’s benefits are numerous; noise is almost non existent, no use of oil, they do not take much area to park, do not give off emissions, no tune ups needed and they provide some type of exercise to the rider. Not only does it help the environment and the rider, but it eliminates all the disadvantages of costly transportation, like cars. Additionally, you can weave in and out of traffic much easier with the nimble electric bike.

Electric bikes today are expensive, but the electric bike kits are a way to bypass those high prices. You can turn any stable framed ordinary pedal power bike into an electric super charged transport machine of the future.

The motor is without a doubt the key to the bicycle motor kit. They are more often than not, hub motors. By being built directly in the hub of the either wheel, there is no other transmission system needed therefore it makes it a more efficient driving system. The motor as hub of the wheel holds two concentric rings of opposite polled electromagnets and eliminates the need for chains, belts or gears. The opposing forces make the wheel spin when battery power is applied. For more power just increase the wattage of the motor and the motors are virtually maintenance free and silent.

The electric bike is the green transportation of the day. Car and trucks of today now have a very good alternative. It’s not only efficient but lessens the need for fossil fuels and the emission of air pollution. The bike will not solve all of today’s problems but we need to start somewhere.


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