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Monday the 18th June is International Ride to Work Day

Monday the 18th June is International Ride to Work Day

Monday the 18th June is International Ride to Work Day

It is estimated that there are around 4 million people riding motorcycles in the UK, and for a lot of people they make a great deal of financial sense.

On 18 June, Ride to Work Day is taking place which is where people around the world decide to ride a scooter or motorbike to work in order to show how possible it is to commute using this form of transport.

Many people who ride a motorcycle to work enjoy it and it is often a more pleasant way to travel than on public transport, or in a car, especially in the warmer months.To find out more and to see the Ride to Work Day viral video (over 90,000 views and counting) go to You can even book a free ride on a motorbike or scooter at

So just what is the attraction?


Did you know that some motorcycles and scooters can do up to 160 miles per gallon [i]. That’s the equivalent of riding from London to Middlesborough, and in these times of rising fuel prices, saving money on fuel is a welcome benefit. Plus you’ll save money on road tax, for a 125cc motorcycle it costs just £16 per year. Not bad eh?

To find out how much you could save by switching to a motorcycle or scooter visit the Travel Savings Calculator at


Of course we all want to reduce our carbon footprint and do what we can for the environment. In that case you might consider ditching the car in favour of two-wheels as motorcycles are proven to be a far greener mode of transport, especially the smaller engine models. Motorcycles produce less CO2 than cars and, of course, use fewer raw materials and less energy for their construction. They also cost less to recycle as up to 75% of their components can be re-used, with the rest recycled.


So you’ll save money and do your bit for the environment, but do you have time to look into riding a motorcycle and scooter? The answer to that is simple – do you have time not to?!

The average Briton spends two months of their lives stuck in traffic during their commute to and from work [ii]. TWO MONTHS!

Riding a motorcycle or scooter means you’ll keep moving even when cars come to standstill. You’ll also be helping to ease congestion yourself as a recent Belgian study [iii] proved. Motorcycles not only take up less space on the road, they also help to ease congestion at peak times, as bikers keep on moving.

Celebs keep on the move

Even boy band Blake has recognised the benefits of commuting on two wheels, after they arrived two hours late for a major rehearsal at the Royal Albert Hall for the BRIT Awards. Using the ‘we got struck in traffic’ excuse in front of a top orchestra, choirs, TV crews and famous singers, didn’t feel good; so they switched to commuting by motorcycle to make sure that wouldn’t happen again. Blake will be riding to work on Monday 18 June!

Get On with a FREE ride

Getting started on a motorcycle or a scooter is simple – head over to and take advantage of a no strings, free ride with a qualified instructor at a location near you. If you like it as much as we think you will, they’ll be able to guide you through the next steps to your full licence.

If you decide to start riding then step one is a compulsory basic training course, usually completed in a day, which allows you to ride a motorbike or scooter up to 125cc for two years, while you progress further towards getting your full licence.

So you’ll save money on fuel, save time and not get stuck in traffic and chances are you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. But there’s more…

No more circling car parks looking for that elusive space, most bikes and scooters are able to park in special areas in city centres (where cars would take up too much space) and more often than not this parking is FREE!

If you travel by train or tube then no more being at the mercy of ‘leaves on the line’, drivers arriving late and track repairs. If you have your own motorbike then you can choose where you travel and when you travel, no more being subjected to someone else’s timetable.

So when you’re next stuck in another traffic jam, or your train is delayed, think about how bikers keep moving and arrive on time and ask yourself…Why am I not one of them?

International Ride to Work Day: Monday 18 June 2012



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