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New cycling jacket aims to save lives on the roads

New cycling jacket aims to save lives on the roads

New cycling jacket aims to save lives on the roads

British company Li & Co Ltd have launched a new and innovative electronic cycling jacket known as Visijax (

This jacket has been designed to improve both the visibility and safety of cyclists and is also aiming to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists on our roads.

The Department of Transport has reported that 60% of fatal cycling accidents take place in the rush hours of 7-10am and 4-7pm, and the number of cyclists seriously injured or killed in the first 6 months of 2011 had risen by 12% on the same period in 2010. According to RoSPA, the road safety experts, one of the biggest hazards facing cyclists is turning in front of vehicles travelling at speed.

In direct response to this issue, Li & Co has developed cutting-edge technology, ‘Intelligent Motion-Activated Signalling System’ (iMASS ™) and ‘implanted’ it within the high-design Visijax® commuter cycling jacket.

This new feature, unique to the Visijax® jacket, detects movement so when a cyclist raises their arm to indicate, an amber flashing signal is automatically turned on, which can be seen clearly by motorists and other cyclists on the roads. The flashing signal remains on for around five seconds after a cyclist has put down their arm to allow sufficient time for them to turn safely.

Supporting the iMASS™ system, are 23 integrated high intensity LED lights arranged in clusters with standard vehicle lighting codes i.e. white for the front and red for the rear. For additional cyclist safety, the lights on the back of the jacket are positioned in a backpack-friendly area so cyclists can be seen clearly from behind.

The complete system is powered by three AAA batteries, which have a total life of 200 hours – a ‘one-touch’ button placed in the front of the jacket activates all lights and the iMASS™ system.

Visijax® has been developed with all areas of cycle safety and comfort in mind.

Additional features of the jacket include:

• High visibility luminous colour

• Rainproof and breathable fabric – outside zips have been specially designed to ensure that rain doesn’t leak into the gaps

• All round ventilation including advanced armpit ventilation points to allow for increased airflow

Andy Li, CEO of Li &Co comments; “Visijax is a breakthrough cycling product, designed with passion, driven by technology and road-tested for safety. There is nothing like it available on the market and it’s a great example of how leading-edge technology and British design can improve our day-to-day lives.

The jacket was designed with a single focus to improve visibility and safety of cyclists. We strongly believe Visijax fills a gap in the market for stylish cyclewear for commuters, offering unparalleled levels of protection to improve cycle safety on UK roads.”

Visijax® is currently available exclusively at for an introductory price of £129* (offer ends 31st May 2012.) Visijax® will be available internationally from Autumn 2012.

For more information on the specification and features of the jacket visit:



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