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P.M defends onshore windfarms


This week, the Prime Minister has issued a strong defence about the construction of windfarms onshore.

He said that he is dedicated to taking advantage of the opportunities renewable power provide.

A white paper was published last year entitled ‘Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon’ and it said that in order for the economy to be prosperous once again, the country needs to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is producing.

It’s important to realise that in order for the country to remain prosperous in the future, it needs to invest in it. Many governmental departments are working on reducing their carbon footprint and one of the most notable is the Department for Transport. This department have made it clear that they want to remove carbon emissions from road transport in the long-term.

Currently the government has a strong commitment to vehicles that emit less carbon dioxide and it seems as if this investment is starting to pay off. This is coming not just in the form of lower carbon emissions, but it is also creating more jobs in the country. In Sunderland the production of the new Nissan electric vehicle is going to begin. This has secured over 350 jobs already at the factory and created an additional 200.

The government are also investing heavily in rail transport and they are focusing particularly on the continued electrification of the U.K.’s rail network. This is serving to create additional jobs as well as providing an environmentally brighter future for the country.

There is also been a significant boost to bus manufacturing sector. The Green Bus Fund, which is dedicated to creating a greener bus in the UK, has provided a great amount of investment for manufacturers.

Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary commented recently at the Earth Summit, “Economic growth can only be sustained if a green agenda is embraced.” It is also important to realise that the demand for green products is increasing. From April to November last year private corporations invested over £2 billion in projects focusing on renewable energy. This created nearly 12,000 jobs, especially in areas where unemployment has been particularly high.

The environmental goods and low carbon sector in the UK employs nearly 1,000,000 people and this figure is growing by nearly 5% a year. The government is also dedicated to creating a greener country and is encouraging inventors in the UK to create environmentally friendly products.

One reason that the green sector is expanding so quickly is because people are beginning to realise that it is essential for our future. If you look at an economy like China, their lack of environmental focus has meant that commodity prices have increased nearly 150 percent over the last 10 years, in real terms. People are realising that new answers need to be found to the environmental question and this is leading to job creation and is offering a great boost to the economy

What is essential is that the government is united in setting out a green agenda. The coalition government have committed themselves to being the most environmentally friendly government in history and they must fully commit to this.



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