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New green project unveiled

The Low Carbon London EV lease project is actually a new project under the management of UK Power Networks. A total of 25 people were involved with the lease scheme and all of them already received their new LEAFs at the Nissan headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK. The said project decided to extend its trial period and this has made the handover very much possible. The

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Funding for community cycling projects with UK’s first flexible payment club for cyclists

A new club that offers savings on the cost of buying bikes and accessories, and also offers financial kickbacks for community cycling projects has been launched by the people behind UK’s first bike leasing company.

Bike SWANKY (, is the name of the club, which encourages cyclists to sign up and save while building a cycling legacy for all. 20% of the interest earned on

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Segway – 10 Years On

It’s been over a decade since the Segway rolled into our world, fuelled by hype, speculation and a powerful electric motor.

In this article we look back at how the Segway came to be, the eco-friendly technology behind it, how it works, the different ways in which it’s been banned as well as the various ways in which it’s being used – And hopefully how

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Exploring Scotland in an electric car

If electric cars are going to figure largely in the UK’s transport future, this might be a good time for a scenic holiday in Scotland, as that will be an excellent way to get acquainted with one of the most progressive models, the Renault Twizy. First launched in 2009, the open-sided electric mini-car could be described as ‘space-age cute’ and from all reports, it’s a

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£12m set aside for green buses

The Department of Transport announced this week that they have set aside £12m in funds to help make sure that Britain’s roads are soon travelled almost exclusively by low carbon buses. The money will be used to purchase 213 new low carbon buses to help reduce the carbon footprint of the public transportation system.

The new measure is considered to be the fourth round of

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What next in the renewable energy market?

It used to be that gas was seen as an eternal source of power. Then, people realised how the Saudi oil resources were not infinite, and would soon run out. This in part led to the environmental movement, looking for green, renewable alternatives. But since then, other sources have emerged. From the Canadian tar sands to the oil shale in North Dakota, more gas and

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Railway Station set to become bicycle station

A disused building close to the Grimsby Town Railway Station, will be the home of a new facility which will give visitors and commuters a secure place to leave their bicycles. The facility will be monitored, and can only be accesses using high-technology electronic keys.

The facility, aptly named the Cycle Hub, will offer repairs, maintenance, servicing, and training with respect to bicycles. Commuters will

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London cycling award nominees

In just two weeks more than 2,500 nominations have been received for the London Cycling Awards and they, in turn, have now been looked through and have now been cut down to a shortlist of just three in each category. The impressive shortlist includes household name Bradley Wiggins the Olympian and Tour De France winner, a brand new British clothing company, Vulpine and cycling commissioner

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Rushmere retail park invests in charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles

The shopping centre and retail park Rushmere is investing in brand new charging points for its clientele that drive hybrid and electric vehicles. The park understands the increased up-take of this green technology is due to the much lower charges for upkeep and maintenance, thus the increased demand.

These charging stations for electric cars can be identifiable through bright-coloured marking in white as well as

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UK’s First Bicycle Leasing Company Reaches 1,000 Bike Milestone

The UK’s first bicycle leasing company has confirmed new manufacturer deals with BH Bikes, Forme and Hersh. Despite only launching in 2011, Bike Leasing Company (, which helps make high-value mountain, cyclocross, and road bikes more affordable, has already established a portfolio of over 1,000 bikes.

The latest agreements have helped the business reach the 1000 milestone with more manufacturers expected to follow.

For Bike

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