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PageOne Connect will help EDF run its green travel initiative.

PageOne communications has announced that EDF Energy will be deploying its 2 way text messaging solution. PageOne is the UK’s largest provider of SMS solutions to the enterprise and public sectors. The SMS system, known as PageOne Connect will help EDF run its green travel initiative. The initiative by EDF Energy will use better car parking management to ease congestion. This will help the company achieve its goal of having a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by next year.

The initiative by EDF promotes car sharing at its two South East sites, Hove and Worthing. There are 2,000 staff at these sites who share 500 parking spaces. The system starts by prioritising EDF employees who have the greatest need to drive and giving them spaces. It also encourages employees to use more green methods of transport such as car sharing.

Employees, who are not a priority for parking, will text into the system a day early to apply for a space. If one is available they will be allocated it for the next day. Previously the system had been done purely by email but this had many problems. Some staff would not get the email meaning they did not know whether they had a space. If they did, many would turn up without knowing which space was theirs. By having the number on their mobile phones this problem has been solved.

Gary Oliver, who leads the project has said, “we have put a great deal of work into a system which is easy to use for the employees and also helps with our green initiatives. Thanks to this we have seen a near 70% reduction in the number of unused spaces in our lots. The system has gone down very well with the staff who are all helping to reduce carbon emissions by car sharing on the way to and from work.”

EDF are planning to expand the notification system, implemented through PageOne Connect, to send urgent messages to employees. This system will mean that if part of the car park has suddenly been closed for maintenance then it is easy to inform the staff.

Head of sustainability at EDF, Darren Towers has said that, “This initiative is just one of the ways we are working to reduce our footprint. We are also working with our customers to reduce the amount of carbon they emit from their homes.”


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