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Panasonic breakthrough set to help drivers save even more fuel

The systems of start-stop are becoming more and more established in the vehicles that are being driven on our roads, helping with the reduction of our consumption of fuel by switching off the engine whenever the vehicle is not in motion. Although, now thanks to the breakthrough from Panasonic, the contribution to the economy of fuel may be able to double.

The company has created a System for Energy Recovery that has the ability for the energy that is generated during breaking to be kept in the batteries, and then uses that energy that is stored to power the vehicles electrics. This means that even when it’s not being used, there is power that is available and ready. According to the Corporation of Panasonic, this system could potentially double the improvement rate of fuel economy of the start-stop systems that are currently available.

Designed to be parallel to the battery when connected, the system is based strictly on the new battery cells. It is a possibility to arrange the new system in the compartment of the engine next to the battery, which has the ability to make the wiring of it much easier and reduce the resistance of cable connection.

In order to achieve this, Panasonic created battery cells that have the capability to endure very high temperatures, and it has also improved the design of the battery in the areas such as the polar and electrolyte plates. The highest discharging/charging temperature has been highly improved from 60 degrees Celsius to about 75 degrees Celsius. This means that the system may be installed without having the engine compartment.

At this moment the start-stop systems are relying too much on a battery that is single lead-acid to perform all of the electrical needs of the car, this includes being able to restart the engine, or simply having the air conditioner running. Panasonic believes this puts way too much pressure onto the current battery. Although, Panasonic feels that the new system will be able to address this issue and be able to extend the life of service that this battery has.



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