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Passenger planes 80% more fuel efficient that in the 60s

Most travelers now book their flights online and then check in using their mobile phones without giving any of these newer features a second thought.  While a plane today looks similar to the first jet aircraft that hit the runways in 1960, they are now 80% more fuel efficient, proving that the entire airline industry has come a long way.

Paul Steele of the Air Transport Action Group, stated that the progress that has been made on creating greener flights has been astounding with efficiency at the base of what the industry strives for each day.  Steele continued to say that given the fact that fuel is heavy and expensive, reducing the amount of fuel that is needed is the major subject of most research development projects.

Steele explained that the main difference however is that today instead of economical reasons backing the research, both economic and environmental issues have prompted the continual research, which is a great parallel given that what is better for the environment is also better for airline budgets.

At the heart of most of the progress in reducing carbon emissions has been new technology in both aircraft and the engines that they use.  Steele stated that the technology that is in use today is astounding and while most passengers rarely think about it the engines of aircrafts that are modern are some of the most efficient and advanced pieces of technology on earth.

Even though technology may have helped reduce the overall carbon emissions of major aircraft, the aviation industry still says that it is considering additional measures that could help improve how efficient flights are.


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