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Personal rapid transit is coming

In terms of political engagement, Sweden has taken the lead with a network of interested local authorities. A comprehensive study of the Ministry of Infrastructure is working with Banverket, Swedish Rail Administration, and other institutions the green light to pilot facilities for public use in selected cities.

In Uppsala (Sweden) already has a system with linear motors being used for test runs. This system, called Vectus PRT , a subsidiary of the Korean Steelcompany POSCO , is the first rail-based system that was successfully tested with modern safety requirements.

In 2013, the city hosts the International Garden Expo, which in the nature reserve is a Wetland Park are located. According to the mayor, would all visitors (indicated by 3 million per year) to visit the park with the car right now.

At London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 a PRT system has already been tested by the manufacturer ATS Ltd. called ULTRa of BAA plc for the public service will be opened as a pilot project.

The construction of the lines was completed in October 2008. In the first test phase, first 18 cabins will be used. In a cabin fit four adults and their luggage. The PRT transports passengers from a more distant long-term car park to your terminal after they enter their flight number.

The battery-powered vehicles are a range of 4 km designed for. If the pilot project is successful, it is all over the airport and surrounding hotels with 400 rooms will be extended to the. It is in 2010 the first commercial PRT system in the world.

The largest proposed PRT network, the pilot project is already under construction include 33.1 km of railway track and 83 stations starting with 2500 booths. The cabins of the Dutch company 2getthere , called “pods,” are using lithium iron phosphate battery powered. It is in Masdar , an eco-city , and in other parts of the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is already installed.

A roller coaster named PTR Mountain Coaster for distances up to 55% gradient also designed. The coaster has a top speed of 80 km / h over a distance above the average of PRT systems.


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