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Plastic bridge completed

A New Jersey-based developer of plastic products is Axion International Holdings. They’ve recently announced that they have completed the construction of the first plastic bridge in Europe. The bridge has been constructed in Scotland in the county of Pebbleshire. The bridge runs across the River Tweed and is mostly made of recycled materials including a special composite that has been developed by the company.

The bridge is 90 feet long and has been made from 50 tonnes of waste that has been recycled. The bridge is capable of holding heavy goods vehicles and was constructed partly in the United States before being shipped to Scotland.

The construction time in Scotland was incredibly small and all the work was completed within two weeks, thanks to most of the assembly being done in the US. The bridge replaces a timber and steel bridge that was reaching the end of its useful life.

The new bridge is also expected to last for a long time because it will not rust or rot because it is constructed from plastic. In addition to this it does not require painting or as much maintenance as a traditional bridge due to its intelligent construction. The bridge is also friendly for the environment and contains no toxins and it is expected that when the bridge reaches the end of its life it will be completely recyclable.

It is widely expected that in the near future the new plastic technology that has been developed by the company will be used to replace a wide number of building materials. It is expected that this new green option will replace large amount of MDF, plywood, steel and reduce the need for the consumption of natural resources. It is also a way of showing people that plastic need not be wasted and is a fully recyclable material.


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