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Public liability cover for community groups

2Community groups come in all shapes and sizes, from playgroups to slimming clubs to fitness classes. These groups tend to take place indoors in premises either owned by those who run them or by the local authority from who the organisers rent. Imagine if you are attending one of these classes and you have an accident that is the fault of those organising it and put in a claim for compensation, what would happen next?

The answer is simple; if there is public liability insurance in place it will take care of any compensation claims if there is not it is a long and drawn out process that is both stressful for the claimant and even more so for the respondent. This can all be avoided very easily; if you are organising any kind of group that takes place in a public place or building then make sure you have public liability cover in place.

People have the right to enter these premises to attend your group under the assumption they are in a safe environment. Toys at a playgroup should be checked regularly to ensure none are broken or could cause an injury and likewise, any equipment used at an exercise class should also be checked rigorously.

If a child injures themselves on a toy or an adult on a piece of equipment that should have been replaced then chances are you will be sued, so having public liability in place and displaying the policy will put everyone’s minds at rest.  It will also cover the legal fees that quickly add up and more often than not can end up costing more than the claim itself, yet another reason to ensure that you have adequate cover in place.

Anybody that comes into a building to attend a community group could, in fact, be prospective claimant, so do not leave yourself open to any kind of claim. Full details of all aspects of public liability insurance can be found on the website, one of the most comprehensive guides to help you both understand all the ins and out of this insurance and why you should have it.

There are many who feel it should be a legal requirement to have public liability insurance should you organise anything that welcomes member of the general public. As yet, it is still optional rather than compulsory, and many see this as an excuse not to have it. These are the ones who then find them on the receiving end of a huge claim they cannot cover, and who lose their business, cars, homes etc as well as their reputation and integrity.

If you are still undecided as to whether you have cover in place put yourself on the other side for a moment, and how you would feel if you or one of your family suffered an injury and those responsible didn’t have public liability insurance. The stress and hassle is immeasurable for both sides, is it really worth the risk?


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