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Save money and the environment with the Gocycle G2

Save money and the environment with the Gocycle G2

Save money and the environment with the Gocycle G2

At a time when we are all trying to save money and the environment, getting on your bike and commuting to work seems a logical idea, but, nobody wants to arrive at the office hot and sticky or with oily pants. Thankfully, the perfect solution has arrived in the shape of the Gocycle G2.

A sleek and stylish lightweight electric bike is a combination of portability and power, and will get you to work looking as if you have just stepped out of your front door.

The Gocycle G2 is the brainchild of Richard Thorpe, an ex engineer for McLaren. And this is the 2nd generation of the G1 version he launched in 2009 and which had completely sold out by 2011.

“The Gocycle concept is the fusion of my day-to-day experiences of living in London, my expertise in lightweight vehicle design and my insight into the market opportunity presented by electric two wheelers,” explains Richard Thorpe.

Following the free-wheeling success of Gocycle G1, Thorpe returned to the drawing board to improve on the iconic and award-winning design and is now launching the all new Gocycle G2 just in time for the Christmas 2012 season and beyond.

The G2 has already won the prestigious iF Award for design at the EUROBIKE 2012 cycle show in September and is probably the lightest production electric bicycle available today. Its total weight of 15.6kg is made possible by the revolutionary injection-moulded lightweight magnesium frame.

The G2’s quiet and compact electric motor can boost you up those hills so that you’re not hot and sweaty when you get to work and will only cost you one penny for every 10-mile commute! (based on 13p per KwH energy cost).

“G1 offered ground-breaking value for money back in 2009, but our customers wanted more—specifically a lightweight and extended range lithium battery, torque-sensing pedal drive, and a quieter motor drive unit. We listened, and the G2 has all of these new features plus an extended range of up to 40 miles and multiple user-defined assistance modes with speed, electric gear selection and battery state of charge displayed on the seamless handlebar dashboard display,” said Richard Thorpe.

“But we didn’t stop there, all G2s are smartphone-enabled which allows fully customizable motor drive functions by the user and pin security—no other production electric bicycle can link to your smart device. Retro technos can even enable a ‘Knightrider/Cylon from Battlestar Galactica’-style display on the dash,” he continued.

Gocycle’s patented Cleandrive® system is a three-speed, fully-enclosed, maintenance-free chain drive that guarantees clean clothes—so there is no need to carry the office suit in a haversack—and now has proprietary electronic Predictive Shifting™ which senses and actively downshifts automatically.

And when you have beaten the traffic the G2 folds down into an easily portable travel case that you can stow in your office or your city living space eliminating the tedious security and storage worries of the traditional bike!

To sweeten the commuting experience, employees of UK-registered companies who meet some minimum requirements can qualify for up to a 30 per cent discount on their purchase of a Gocycle G2R through the company’s Gocycle-to-Work™ commuter incentive programme.

For more information about Gocycle®, the Gocycle-to-Work™ programme or to arrange a test ride at the company’s Chessington headquarters, visit or contact





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