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Saving money on your home energy bills

If you are looking for simple ways to reduce your energy bills then you will be glad to hear that E.ON, one of the country’s leading energy providers, is taking steps to help you.

Whilst recognising that everyone uses energy differently and has different needs and requirements based on their own lifestyle, E.ON acknowledges that everyone would like to have cheaper electricity and gas bills and offer a wealth of information online (if you are an online registered customer) including a comparison tool to help you get to grips with your energy consumption.

In a bid to help E.ON customers take responsibility for their own behaviour in regards to both energy usage and wastage, they have launched some great tools to help. The major part of this is the Saving Energy Toolkit available at  . This is a series of helpful tips and hints on how to only use the energy you need and a selection of tools which allow you to track your progress. You can see how much energy you use over a given time period – to see when energy use spikes – and charts that breakdown your overall energy consumption into different areas so you know what uses the most energy in your home. There’s even a feature for you to compare your overall performance with other E.ON customers from similar households – allowing you to see whether there is more you can do to cut down.

E.ON customers who are already registered as online users can access this brilliant tool by logging into their account. If you have not yet registered then it only takes a few minutes, a very short time when you consider the benefits you can gain. As well as having access to the toolkit and all the other tips and valuable information on the E.ON website, you will also receive your bills online and wave goodbye to environmentally harmful paper bills – what better way to go eco-friendly?

Despite the media telling us otherwise, thousands, if not millions, of us are still struggling with the effects of the double dip recession. There is less disposable income than every before and one of the biggest household expenses is on fuel bills. It is very easy to blame outside factions for household expenses, but energy differs from most in that this is one expense which you can, to a certain extent, control. It is you who fills your kettle or sets the thermostat on your heating, and it is you who can change your habits for the better.

E.ON’s latest campaign aims to direct consumers to change their habits when it comes to using and wasting energy. These tips are all easily to implement and while you may not think that filling a kettle to the top or leaving your TV on standby will cost much, do both of these at the same time as many other common energy wastage habits, and you will be out of pocket by more than you realise until you change you behaviour and realise just how much these bad habits were costing you.

E.ON are one of the most customer friendly energy providers in that they are committed to helping their customers save as much money as they can. If you can afford to carry on wasting money then go ahead, if, like most of us, you cannot then you owe it to yourself to log into your E.ON account and start implementing these changes today. You will be amazed how quickly you get into your new routine, and when you see your energy costs falling and your bank balance rising you will soon appreciate just how simple it is to save money.

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