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Scotland’s latest bid for independence centres around reductions in CO2 emissions

Scotland has some impressive ideas for being able to reduce CO2 emissions and for the increase in individuals using renewable resources. But is this enough for Scotland to be able to achieve its independence from the UK?

Not too long after Scotland spoke of a possible movement to being independent, with a transition planned for the year of 2014, the country announced its hidden plans to install a car that performs completely on electricity, with charging stations every 50 miles on many of their major roads, thanks to a funding they received for £2.6 million. This will also include free charging stations for owners of homes, and stations at leisure centres, local car centres, workplaces and terminals for ferries.

While these two ideas seem very unrelated, many plans to upgrade the use of cars ran on electricity are all a big idea of Scotland’s to improve the independence of their energy, to boost the sector of their energy, and to create a wider economy, reduce the emissions of GHG, and to help their country in becoming an initial power in the renewable fuels production.

In Scotland, the Climate Change Act of 2009 places targets for the Government of Scotland to be able to reduce gas emissions that are produced by greenhouses, by at least 42 percent by the year of 2020. By the year of 2050 they want them to be reduced by at least 80 percent.

Scotland is very fortunate that they are lucky enough to be blessed with so many renewable sources, which will be able to power the country’s new independence. It isn’t just the gas and coal that they seem to have a great abundance of, but also biomass, wave, wind, and tidal energy are just a few of the resources which could keep the cars running, keep the lights on, and keep the homes warm.




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