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Smarter Driving Scheme wants to cut costs and save lives as well as the planet

One of the most avoidable costs to drivers is the fuel is burned during unnecessary acceleration. A good way to stop yourself from accelerating unnecessarily is to imagine that there is a pin attached to the accelerator pedal, and the harder and faster that you push down on it the more painful it will be.

A new scheme is being piloted in Kent is the Smarter Driving Scheme which is intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly and also reduce the number of accidents on the U.K.’s roads. Sessions are being run that last for one hour and they should help drivers be more fuel-efficient.

At the sessions, drivers will be able to ride around in a car that has a built-in computer  that displays the amount of fuel that is being used and how economical driving is. Once they have driven around the course as they normally would several tips are given about how to drive in a more fuel-efficient way.

Advice is given such as to avoid using the accelerator when travelling downhill and making more use of the car’s momentum. It is also useful to keep the revs low as then the car is consuming less petrol. Once the driver has absorbed all the tips they are put back in the car and told to drive the course again utilising what they have learned.

Many drivers had found that the increased their fuel efficiency by around 20%, and while this might not seem like a big jump this would save the average driver over £500 a year in fuel and would reduce CO2 emissions by nearly a ton. Head of transport to the energy saving trust is Nigel Underdown and he has commented, “Driving efficiently is not just about driving slowly, it’s about being aware and anticipating conditions on the road.”


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