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Stagecoach aims for big cut in bus energy use

An energy management system that is being implemented by the transport group Stagecoach has said that it intends to reduce the consumption of electricity at bus depots in the UK by around 20%. This is not only going to help reduce carbon emissions but it also going to save the company a great deal of money.

Stagecoach is based in Perth and is already using an energy management system that is reducing the amount of gas they use by over 30%. This system has also helped the company reduce the amount of electricity they are using by over 10%. Upgrades have started being made to the technology that already exists and is expected to cut energy use by another 21%. This equates to nearly 3000 tons of CO2 being saved every year.

The company estimates that by 2013 the amount of energy the company will saved by increasing energy efficiency will be equivalent to the amount of electricity required to power over 10,000 times for one year. The initial system cost the company over £2 million but according to its figures this has been an investment well worthwhile as by 2013 expects to save nearly £8 million on reduced energy costs.

Les Warnfield is the managing director of Stagecoach and you said, “We are consistently working towards becoming a more environmentally friendly business, we have a partnership with Vickers Energy Management Systems so that we can meet green goals and create a significant reduction in carbon emissions. As we head into the future we are going to be implementing even more measures to make our business greener.”

The technology that has been provided by Vickers is a type of control panel which provide greater energy efficiency for the gas heating system that is used in the various bus depots the company operates. The system is also being tied into the electricity used some depots resulting in greater savings.

A representative from Vickers is David Hilton and he has commented, “Our partnership with Stagecoach is one we are very proud of and it is great to see that it is leading them to make significant energy savings. It is great to be able to work with a company that has a similar mindset to ours; reducing energy consumption to benefit the environment.”

Last year the Carbon Trust Standard was awarded to Stagecoach because of the actions they have taken to reduce their carbon emissions. This is the first transport company in Scotland to have been given this award and it relates to all of the company’s operations across the UK.

In the last year the company has introduced many energy-saving measures to improve their performance these have included: launching a fleet of buses that operate using bio-methane, testing a bus that uses compressed natural gas and making a large order for hybrid buses that it plans to replace some of its current fleet with. The introduction of its hybrid buses has meant it has recently won the Green Award alongside Alexander Dennis Ltd.



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