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Study reveals older drivers are more likely to go green

A new study conducted by Aberdeen University found that older drivers are the most likely to think about buying a hybrid or electric car. In fact, while younger adults are usually seen as the first to adapt technology, it seems that motorists that are close to retirement are the most likely to invest in greener wheels.

According to the study results, older age drivers are the most likely to purchase the e-cars because they are able to pay for the extra cost that comes with owning an electric vehicle. They also are more likely to enjoy the low costs of running an electric vehicle that is the pay off.

Interestingly enough, the same group also stated that they are the most concerned about minimising the carbon footprint they are leaving behind when they drive. The research was conducted in Newcastle which has 267 charging point sites available for those with electric cars.

Leader of the Transport Research study at Aberdeen University, Craig Morton, stated that older usually meant greener. In fact, he added that the highest preference for low-emission vehicles was clearly among the older set. This is due to the fact that this age group appeared to be very environmentally conscious.

In addition, as the older group gets closer to retirement they have the spare funds available to afford a new electric vehicle upfront and then save the money on fuel later whereas the younger group may not be able to do this.

Morton added that manufacturers are currently putting too much emphasis on how green the electric vehicles are and instead should be stressing how much cheaper they are to use as this would help get more people interested in the cars. He also added that most likely electric vehicles will stay part of a niche market with hybrid cars getting more interest.


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