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Swindon is home to new hydrogen filling station

In a big step forward for cars that are powered by hydrogen, a filling station that can be used by the public has been opened in Swindon. The station is being run by the British Oxygen Company and is hopefully going to make having a hydrogen car a better alternative to petrol.

The South West Regional Development Agency gave a grant to the local council in order to establish the filling station. The grant was for £250,000 and allowed for the station to be built in Swindon.

Currently, there are hardly any cars running on hydrogen in the UK, but many believe that this is because there would be nowhere to refill the cars. The council has decided to take the first step and hopes that the access to hydrogen fuel will encourage manufactures to start producing the cars for the UK market. Many people believe that hydrogen is the future of motoring as it produces close to no emissions.

The problem with the system is where will they get all the hydrogen from if it is to become a major fuel for cars. By electrolysing water the gas can be produced on a very large scale, but this comes with the significant problem that it requires much electricity.

This electricity, if drawn from the national grid, will come from power generation methods that are not entirely green. Another great problem is that because of the lack of demand the price of hydrogen cars is still incredibly high, and one car will set you back around £10 million. For hydrogen to be a real solution for the future much work is still to be done.


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