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Switching from 4 wheels to 2

Many motorcycle riders always speak of their feelings regarding switching from four wheels to two, and from the point of many environmentalists, there is much to be said about that change being made.

With the conflict of emissions, that is where they find themselves stumped and asking why, because even though scooters and motorcycles receive more miles per gallon than a regular vehicle, they have very strict emission rules.

Parts such as catalytic converters and particulate filters are not usually included in few motorbikes and scooters, the legislation which is forthcoming could possibly be changing that. Even though emissions such as CO2 are particularly half that of your normal car, carbon monoxide and NOx can be much higher.

On the other hand, there are many pluses that must be remembered from the two wheeler, they don’t take up as much space on the road, with smoother traffic flow they reduce emission and congestion, they require way less raw materials, and they use a minimal amount of gas that a car uses making the pollution less harmful.

The European “Vehicle Approval Type” require that the standards established for scooters and motorcycles including noise levels and emissions are set in stone until January of 2016.

Due to this, the EU has decided to initiate new standards which will set tighter regulations on environmental performance and safety in 2016. This means that the case for four wheelers could become less of a commuting source as opposed to that of the two wheeler.


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