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Pennine Reach bus service sees a huge improvement due to £40m green grant

East Lancashire will soon benefit from a new green transport project that has received £40m to kick off new improvements for the Pennine Reach bus network. The funding will be used to upgrade the bus line and create new bus stations to increase the efficiency of the bus network at Accrington and Blackburn. The entire East Lancashire is expected to benefit from the upgrade that

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Biogas buses come to Norfolk

Passengers that are travelling between Norwich and Lowestoft are the first in the country to travel across the country in a bus that runs on biogas. The new bus service is just one out of 13 buses that will run on the biogas materials which are considered a renewable energy source since they are produced by the bio-degradation of waste.

The buses are being operated

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Eco friendly buses set to hit the roads of Bath

The largest upgrade of the Bath & North Somerset Council’s Park & ride service in the past 25 years was called for today by Norman Baker, the Government Transport Minister, who took a close look at eight new state of the art low carbon emitting buses that will be run from Odd Down to Newbridge and Landsdown as part of a new council contract.


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Eco friendly buses heading for Sheffield

A new fleet of eco friendly buses will soon be on the roads of Sheffield with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the city while also reducing the costs of fuel for the city. The Sheffield Council has announced seven green minibuses soon to hit the streets, and coincidently also the largest fleet of hybrid buses to yet hit the streets of England.

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Buses powered by household waste set to hit the roads of Greater Manchester

A new generation of buses that are powered solely by household waste will soon take to the streets of Greater Manchester as part of a new innovative green scheme backed by Arriva UK Bus. The company has invested over two million pounds in a new eco-friendly fleet of 21 buses that are all powered off the gases that are produced at landfills.

Their introduction to

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Stagecoach make massive investment in green transport

Transport giant Stagecoach has announced a major new investment in a fleet of buses and coaches which are kinder to the environment and will improve services outside of the capital.

The £60 million which bosses plan to spend on fleet improvement will buy almost 400 new vehicles during 2012 and 2013, with more orders anticipated in the next six months.

Stagecoach has already

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Eco Friendly Buses in Sheffield

Brian Blessed has recently launched the new fleet of eco friendly buses that Stagecoach Yorkshire has just spent £6 million bringing to the roads. This is placing the company at the front of the green initiative and should help to cut thousands of car journeys in the region. The initiative has been driven forward by the introduction of over twenty hybrid buses in Sheffield.


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