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Pennine Reach bus service sees a huge improvement due to £40m green grant

East Lancashire will soon benefit from a new green transport project that has received £40m to kick off new improvements for the Pennine Reach bus network. The funding will be used to upgrade the bus line and create new bus stations to increase the efficiency of the bus network at Accrington and Blackburn. The entire East Lancashire is expected to benefit from the upgrade that

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Electric car sales still disappointing despite subsidies

Electric car sales still disappointing despite subsidies

Although many people regard the electric vehicle as an important step forward in the future of motoring, the actual sales of the vehicles are far from impressive.

It is estimated that in the next five years only about two percent of the population are going to purchase an electric vehicle.

Previously, the Department of Transport made claims

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Elektromotive says pay as you go charge ups are needed

A leading organisation in the world of green motoring has claimed that creating stations where customers can pay as they go to charge their electric vehicles is the way to get more customers to change to green transport. Elektromotive have welcomed the recent announcement that that a network of privately funded charging points will be created right across Britain within the next 12 months.


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