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New green project unveiled

The Low Carbon London EV lease project is actually a new project under the management of UK Power Networks. A total of 25 people were involved with the lease scheme and all of them already received their new LEAFs at the Nissan headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK. The said project decided to extend its trial period and this has made the handover very much possible. The

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Ministers must decide soon what will be included in the UK’s carbon emission targets

Under the Climate Change Act, ministers have until the end of this year to decide if they will include aviation and shipping in the UK’s long term carbon targets. On Thursday just how green the government is will be seen when advisors will be urging ministers to include emissions from aviation and shipping in the UK’s targets.

The Act requires that emissions be cut by

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Green travel means different things to different people

Different people have different ideas about what constitutes green travel, some people believe that sharing cars into work, or taking public transport, counts as being green, whereas others would say that this is not enough, they would argue that in order to be truly green, you would need to be driving a vehicle that does not consume any nonrenewable energy. This might include cycling, walking

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Leicester University reveal new environmentally-friendly traffic scheme

The National Space Centre at Leicester University hosted the launch of a new environmentally-friendly traffic scheme in January.

Bringing together experts from all over Europe, the project will be implemented in the East Midlands first, thanks to the participation of local bodies such as Leicester, Nottingham and De Montfort Universities as well as Leicester City Council and local firm Astrium Services. It is hoped that

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