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The Benefits of Electric Cars

2We’re all being told that electric cars are the future of motoring, but on the evidence of what we’ve seen at exhibitions and on the market already, we’re a long way off being sold on their ability to replace the models we know and love.

Until the day finally arrives where the various concepts are up to the standard required to replace our current gas-guzzling models that clog up the motorways around the world, we’re always going to be somewhat sceptical of the latest electric models having seen so many thrown onto the scrap heap already. After all, cars travelling 100-miles on just electricity might sound great, but what happens if the nearest charging station is 101-miles away, or you have to travel 200-miles for work?

As more and more people become conscious of their environmentally-friendly efforts, choosing to recycle and use more efficient forms of power; vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Audi and Volkswagen to give some examples, are researching and developing the cars of the future that run on electricity.

It’s obvious that the main benefits of running electric cars in the long term will be that they are significantly more eco-friendly than the petrol or diesel alternatives of today. However, that’s not the only side to the argument for electric cars. Here are five examples of why electric cars would benefit motorists:

  • Safety. The electric vehicles on the market at the moment are nowhere near as powerful as some of the top of the range petrol or diesel-powered models we know. This means that there is less chance of the engine exploding in a collision, something that happens in many fuel-powered car crashes. The electric batteries react in a much less violent way as there is no fuel to ignite.
  • Fuel. Electricity is significantly cheaper than fuel, so you would actually be saving more money than ever before by going electric, as well as saving the environment. A lot of courier firms, like uShip to give an example, have even taken to using electric models in their fleets to help cut costs.
  • Maintenance. With fewer mechanical parts, electric cars are much easier to look after. Petrol and diesel powered vehicles come with numerous moving parts that all require gaskets, lubrication and to work at just the right moment in order to make another piece work and move the car. Electric cars, however, have very few moving parts so if one were to go wrong you could easily locate it and decide the problem.
  • Tax. With fewer emissions than the fuel-powered alternatives, electric cars often come with no road tax to pay effectively rewarding or thanking the drivers for doing their bit for the environment. Some UK drivers are charged around £100 each year in road tax so it can be a huge saving.
  • Design. The early electronic concept cars were very unappealing to potential customers. They would take one look at the electric version, then glance over to a petrol-powered model and go straight to the aesthetic beauty of the gas-guzzler. Today, they look a lot more like the traditional cars and are swaying many people over just for their looks.2

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