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The Chevrolet Volt coming to Britain

There has been a lot of consumer interest in the Chevrolet Volt, and for good reason, because it is one of the first electric cars that offer a stunning life span after just one charge. The standard perception of an electric car is that it is good for running around town and doing short errands before the battery dies, and the car either needs recharging or fuelled to continue running.

However, the Volt is an electric car that breaks previous stereotypes and dares to be daring with the ability to offer drivers a range of more than 300 miles, which is quite a bit more than a quick jump to the store. The Chevrolet Volt can offer users this great flexibility when it comes to driving because it is not an electric car that relies on its battery powers alone, but it’s also not a hybrid, allowing it to sit alone in a class of its own when it hits the UK this spring.

There is a lot of interest in the Volt already building so the public is invited to register their interest at in order to make sure they get a chance at one of the limited models.

At first only a set number of Volts are going to released to drivers in the UK as Chevy test the waters to see just how much interest there is for the Volt, so those who want to try out the magic of the new electric car are going to want to make sure to get on the waiting lists early. Plus, with a price tag assigned to the vehicle of only £28, 545, once you add in the grants that are offered by the Government currently, you can bet people are going to quickly snap up the Volt.

For those that have been on the edge about purchasing an electric car due to range anxiety, the Volt is the clear answer as it offers an electric drive unit to power the car at all times, and it also offers a 1.4L petrol generator that is able to move the supply of electricity along equally, allowing the Volt to reach up towards 300 miles in one trip.  In order to work at its full capacity the electric car only needs to be plugged in for six hours and it’s ready to hit the road.

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