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The Environment Movement faces its biggest challenges in the next 50 years

The Environment Movement has faced some very difficult issues over the past half century, but these are expected to pale in comparison compares to the two formidable challenges it is expected to come up against over the course of the next 50 years; climate change and population growth. It is now clear that neither of these huge problems can be solved as such, merely coped with, and will have to be government who does that.

The main task of the Environment Movement will be keeping up the pressure on individuals, companies and governments to whatever is necessary, however difficult that may prove to be. It is clear, however, that is will be a task of Herculean proportions to find the food to feed another 2bn mouths in only 38 years, as well as feeding those who are today going hungry.

When the worldwide figure is split up into individual nations, the task would seem to be even more daunting, especially in some of the very high growth countries in Africa and Asia. The main concern of the Environment Movement will be how all these extra mouths can be fed and, through economic growth, be brought out of poverty without the planet being completely trashed.

The questions they are having to ask is whether it can be down without the precious rainforests being destroyed to make way for agriculture, the oceans’ fish stocks being exploited, or the atmosphere being effectively swamped by the climate changing carbon that will be emitted by thousands of new power stations.

The big idea to tackle this problem is to implement sustainable development, and the world community will meet in Rio de Janeiro to try to put together a contingency plan for worldwide sustainable development, to include water, energy and food, and expected to be start in 2015.


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