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Transport companies need to help reduce world carbon emissions

Reducing emissions is always something that is on the international agenda and seems to be an almost daily feature in the press. Climate change talks have recently been taking place in Durban.

One of the most major contributors to carbon dioxide emission around the world are logistic and transport companies. They are constantly being urged to reduce the amount of emissions they are creating and work towards their environmental commitment targets.

A recent survey conducted in the UK looked at transport companies and over 3 million vans in the UK were found to not meet the emission standards set by Europe. The additional cost to companies associated with making these vans more environmentally friendly is going to add a significant cost to many transport companies in the country.

In 2010 the number of carbon emissions being emitted in the UK increased by nearly 6 percent. Despite calls from various groups for more efficient transport, the number of emissions continues to increase. It is expected that the cost of not being environmentally friendly is going to eventually outweigh the cost of reducing the emissions that vehicles make.

The increasing price of fuel, as well as governments taxes on higher emission vehicles, are incentives for companies to reduce the amount of pollution they are creating. Many companies are developing plans that are more environmentally friendly and this is making hybrid and electric vehicles more popular because they have reduced running costs.

Some companies, such as Citroen, are even starting to give subsidies to companies in the UK who start using their more efficient transport vehicles. It is hoped that this type of vehicle will reduce companies costs while decreasing their environmental impact.


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