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Tsubaki are taking an eco-friendly approach to their product design

The products that are being developed as part of the new Eco & Eco (Ecology and Economy) philosophy from Tsubaki are promising to reduce the environmental burden on customers. They are doing this by promoting an increase in efficiency, improving resource recycling and increasing the potential for re-use.

They also claim to reduce running costs by having a longer life and being maintenance free, and as they will be inherently simpler products, the procurement costs will also be reduced. Tsubaki already have a long standing reputation for the development of high performance, high quality chain products that are lubricant free and offer reduced maintenance costs and extended operating life.

Tsubaki have, however, recently instituted a policy stating that all the products they will develop in the future must also be eco-friendly. The effectively means that their products would reduce CO2 emissions, save energy, reduce waste, create a cleaner workplace by eliminating lubrication, reduce noise, ensure long life, make reuse a lot easier and do away with the use of harmful substances and materials altogether.

These joint development goals have now been formally included in the Eco & Eco range by the company. Derek Mack is Tsubaki’s UK sales director, and he has said that the whole Tsubaki group have worked together for a long time to ensure that all of their new product developments are eco-friendly.

He added that they had also looked at the various ecological factors that they could control directly, and have classified them into 7 categories; resource conservation with waste reduction; energy saving with reduced CO2 emissions; cleaner usage and workplace environments; consideration for the immediate environment; easier disposal; reusability and the consideration of harmful substances.

Mr Mack concluded by saying that my implementing these categories as the framework for the design and development of all their new products, and combining the eco-friendly benefits with the Tsubaki ethos, they would be delivering on their promise to help their customers reduce economic burden and improve efficiency.


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