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Two wheels are far more efficient than four

In these days of crazy fuel prices, escalating train fares and other transport costs, plus no decent cheap deals on your car insurance, a more fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly solution is right under our noses and we might not even have realised it. We can always ditch the car and get around by scooter or motorbike and we would probably have a lot more fun doing so.

For instance, the average cost of insurance on our cars has risen sharply, by nearly forty percent, according to the people at, to £695, an increase of nearly £200 in just the space of a year. This compares with the average cost of insuring a motorbike of just £142, which is even expected to fall, according to the leading insurer of those two-wheeled vehicles, Carole Nash. The cost of fuel is also much cheaper, with some models returning well over one hundred miles to the gallon, for instance the Honda CBF125 returns a whopping one hundred and sixty.

Surely trains must be quicker and cheaper for most journeys, but apparently not. Train fares have risen by over six percent in the past year and recent research has shown that using a motorbike or a scooter can cut journey times by as much as thirty percent.

So, why not switch from four wheels to two, save yourselves a lot of money and have a lot of fun into the bargain. You may never want to go back to four wheels or public transport again.


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