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Wales not happy about green rail delays

The decision to hold off on electrifying the rail lines to Wales is meeting public, political, and business outcry against the Westminster Government. The decision, it seemed, had already been made to electrify the rail from London to Didcot, at a cost of about £600 million.  However, a conclusion on electrifying the rail has been postponed until after the New Year.  The UK Government says it must choose whether to replace intercity trains with diesel-electric hybrids or straight electric.

Representatives of Wales are up in arms saying that this is how the Government makes decisions of great impact on Wales, by holding back.  Other areas of the UK are having rail improvement without facing the same sort of need as Wales, they say.

Businesses say that the new rail line is hoped to much improve the Wales economy by linking it up with other parts of the UK in a way that makes travel timely.  They say that right now, all the old slow trains go to Wales and that travel times are even slower than they had been some 15 years prior.

The people of Wales just want to be treated on equal footing, seems to be the voice of the man on the street.  We’re tired of being left behind the rest of the UK by the UK Government, is the common gripe.


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