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What’s special about Go compare and Gio Compario

Everyone knows Wynne Evans, he is a Welsh tenor who once famously responded to the All Blacks well-known Haka chant before a rugby game against Wales, with his rendition of Bread of Heaven, he has since gone on to perform at over 30 Welsh international rugby matches.

He has appeared in many productions by the Welsh National Opera including The Cunning Little Vixen and at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, also included in his very extensive resume is Alfredo in La Traviata, at the English National Opera. He has made multiple successful selling CDs including ‘Here Come the Classics’ with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The problem with all of these highly notable achievements is that they pale into insignificance when compared to his real claim to fame. Wynne Evans alter ego is none other than Gio Compario, if the name sort of sounds familiar to you, but can not quite place it, then just think “Go Compare, Go Compare”

Yes, Wynne Evans is in fact the face and voice of those incredibly annoying, and yet still totally addictive insurance comparison website adverts. Wynne has been lending his persona to the television adverts for the company for the last 12 months.

And as is often the way with fame in Britain, Wynne is now very much associated with the odd Italian looking tenor, with the weird long wavy moustache who entices people to save money on insurance by checking out his sponsors website.

Go compare car insurance has been in operation since 2006 when it became the first website that emphasised insurance product features, instead of just a long list of prices for people to compare, without additional policy information.

Gocompare is perhaps most recognised by the way in places a huge premium on being very transparent and open about the types of services that they provide in a way that is aimed at inspiring trust in the website, so that members of the public will be able to be directed not just to the lowest price but also to the suitable insurance product for their needs.

Another reason that Gocompare a special is because it caters for the 90% of people who use comparison websites while looking for a new car quote, as well as the 80% plus customers who rely on insurance comparison websites when looking for home insurance coverage.

The company does not make money from advertising or sponsorship, or by pushing one companies products over another, they simply supply information free of charge for you to make your own informed decision about which is the best insurance company, not only by price or by quality of cover, the company does not charge the public in anyway, they simply collect a very small finders fee from the insurance company which you decide to select, so they have no reason to recommend one company above another.


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