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Young drivers not getting on board the electric car trend

It is no surprise that younger people are typically the first ones to buy into new gadgets and technologies. But when it comes to electric or hybrid vehicles, a new study shows that older drivers may be quicker than young ones to get on board.

This study was conducted by Aberdeen University and show that early adopters are motorists who are approaching retirement. This is because these types of cars usually involve some extra costs, and people in an older age group were more willing to foot the bill for an electric car, in order to save later on thanks to lower running costs.

When it comes to environmental concerns, it seems like older people were also more on board with green tech. This echoes an official map which shows the location of public electric charging points around Scotland, showing that none of these charging stations were present north of Forfar.

Even if electric and hybrid cars only account for 1.4% of car sales across the country, this figure is slowly going up. But for now, only a few hundreds cars can be found on Scottish roads. These charging stations are also badly distributed, where Newcastle has 267 such sites, but Dundee, a city with a similar population, has none.

Some of the researchers said they were surprised that younger people did not show a higher interest in green vehicles, whereas older people seem very concerned about environmental impacts of cars.

The reason may be in the yearly income that each person brings home, with electric vehicles being seen as more expensive when bought. For now, predictions show that these vehicles will remain a niche market for a few years still before the technology becomes more widely adopted.


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